Friday, July 20, 2012

Apartment Living

We have officially moved out of our house after living there for 18 years.  The movers packed everything up on Monday and Tuesday, which turned out to be two of the hottest days of the summer.  The poor guys were dripping with sweat--which dripped on every surface they were near.  I don't even want to think about what landed on our mattresses and other items that were carried out.  (Thank you to my mom, my daughter, Anne, and my dear friend, Beth, who spent countless hours helping to clean my house after the movers got everything out.  I am truly blessed.)  Since the moving van won't arrive in Charlotte until Monday (I won't say anything about this whole moving process, except don't, under any circumstance, use North American Van Lines), we have three more nights of apartment living.

I've lived in apartments before, but I'd forgotten what it was like.  My memory has been refreshed.

Positives of Apartment Living

  • Decent workout facility
  • Pool that I don't have to maintain
  • Takes only thirty minutes to clean apartment from stem to stern
  • Valet garbage (set it outside the door and someone picks it up)
  • Have met a lot of interesting people

Negatives of Apartment Living

  • "Future Residents" parking spaces are normal size, but residents parking spaces leave no room to open the car door to get out.
  • Shrek lives above us and constantly stomps paces back and forth.
  • I can hear the guy in the bathroom next to us retching in the morning--is he getting chemotherapy or does he party a little too heartily?
  • The flowery smell in the hallway used to mask the garbage center smell is nauseating. (Maybe that's my neighbor's problem.)
  • We are on the bottom floor (street level is the third floor) and have to go outside to get cell phone reception.
  • We have four doors and a gate to go through to get from the parking garage to the apartment--a definite challenge when hands are full.
  • Weekend nights are loud with all the young residents.

I'm counting the hours until we get into the house.

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  1. Pool without maintenance a definite plus, noisy herds of elephants above NOT! Always a difficulty withflats to rent